Architect: Gloria Vega Martín & Beatriz San Emeterio | Year: 2018

Villa Walaa - Marbella


We are faced with the need to give a more modern look to an old villa Marbellí of 300 m2 where the interior undergoes few changes as far as distribution issues are concerned, as it had a well-defined and functional spaces. Although all the floor and wall coverings, doors, furniture, etc. are changed…

The total metamorphosis is generated thanks to the modification of the facade, which replaces the tile color with a clean white. All the tile roofs are eliminated and replaced by flat walkable roofs, which give rise to a large terraced area where you can enjoy the views of the lush plot, use it for solarium, living area and even to house facilities.

The outdoor spaces are qualified through the treatment of landscaping, paths and paving.

The previous house, which was understood as a series of pieces, is transformed into a single unified element.

Previous elevation.

«El poder de la transformación»

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