Current project

The Hall – Jack Shainman Gallery

The project respects art and architecture, it seeks a dialogue between the two.

It is about the challenge of showing art in an experiential way.

It will be a living project, in constant change, where the architecture will adapt to the artist and the needs of his work.

In the evolution and during the process we will be able to learn from this experience to create new temporary structures.

We could say that it is an ART-ARCHITECTURE LABORATORY.

About me

The architecture & me

I met it by chance, no one had ever told me about it, I didn’t even know where to find it.

It was a strange sensation, a crush that made me feel insecure but also that around it, my life could be exciting.

Sometimes it was a diva, it wanted all the looks, and it was not bad, but when I liked it the most was when it became delicate, subtle and so, without realizing it, it changed my life.

Undoubtedly, it was born with a mission, to help people, to make their days easier and it is something I should never forget, it, the Architecture.

Other projects

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