This is my journey

Before becoming an architect I was always curious, I think this curiosity is what keeps me in constant evolution, eager to learn and develop new skills.

I am creative, self-demanding and from my family I inherited the passion for art and attention to detail.

During my time as a student I was lucky enough to do an internship with one of the best architects in Spain, Antonio Jimenez Torrecillas.

Together with him I see my interest in heritage and how to integrate it in a respectful way in architectural interventions grow. I collaborate in projects as interesting as the Jack Shainman Galley, (New York) and the house for Almudena Grandes and Luis Montero, (Rota, Cadiz).

Then I moved to Italy, to the Facoltà di Architettura di Genova, with the Erasmus program, where I take the opportunity to learn more about Italian architecture and the works of architects such as Renzo Piano.

I graduated as an architect from the University of Malaga, in 2015, obtaining the qualification of outstanding in the final degree project.

In the same year I join my partner and friend Beatriz San Emeterio, to undertake a great adventure which we call Verde Bothellas Arquitectura. The first studio formed only by women that emerges from the university of architecture in Malaga.

In these years we developed different projects in the province of Malaga, including three interventions in an environment BIC (Bien de interés cultural) and with heritage cataloging, The English Cemetery of Malaga.

We are characterized by the certainty that architecture is to live it, we seek functionality in everything we do making it as beautiful as possible.

Our empathy leads us to know our clients in depth, along with their needs so we provide an appropriate and personalized design.

From our youth we get the courage to dare with projects of all kinds, and we consolidate ourselves as a versatile studio.


Gloria Vega Architect

Architect in constant evolution with experience in the development of execution projects and realization of infoarchitecture.

With communication skills and ease to work in a team.

Creative, self-demanding and interested in learning about different disciplines that apply to architecture.

Professional experience

Co-Founder Architect at Verde Bothellas Arquitectura. Malaga, Spain.

JUNE 2018 – JUNE 2020
Designer and interior designer at Imagine Interiorismo. Málaga, Spain.

Trainee Architect at Lem3a Group, Malaga, Spain.

JULY 2013
Workshop di ingegneria naturalistica Eremo 2013. Genoa, Italy.

Architect trainee at Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas. Granada, Spain.

COURSE 2011/2012
Collaborating student at the Escuela técnica superior de Arquitectura de Málaga. Department of Architectural Constructions.


2007 – 2012 | University of Architecture of Malaga

2012-2013 | Facoltà di Architettura di Genova (Erasmus Program).

2015 | Architect by the University of Malaga.



2007 – 2012 | University of Architecture of Malaga

2012-2013 | Facoltà di Architettura di Genova (Erasmus Program).

2015 | Architect by the University of Malaga.

Complementary training

· Revit Architecture Basic Course.
· Design of solar photovoltaic installations.
· Marketing and communication strategies.
· XIII Seminar on Cultural Heritage: BRANDING AND ARCHITECTURE.
· Four scenarios for contemporary habitability: Tourism, Communication, Sustainability and Heritage.
· Variables of the Contemporary Architectural Project» CAC Málaga.

· 3D modeling and printing workshop youFAB.

· Course on Window dressing and decoration in the retail trade.

· The shared city: Urbanism and equality workshop.

· Specialization course in modern architecture.

Other projects

Socio-health center

Fighting Sea Level Rise

Villa Walaa - Marbella

Soler Canela House

Sensory Selfie Gallery

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